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Polish Institute Says Domestic Cats Are « Invasive Alien Species »

domestic cats

(Picture Credit: ajr_images/Getty Images)

The Institute of Nature Conservation in Poland has classified domestic cats as an “invasive alien species,” evoking an emotional response from Polish pet parents.

Felis catus – the common housecat’s scientific name – is now on a list of 1,787 animals the Institute considers foreign.

The institution, a branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences, cited the damage cats cause to birds and other wildlife as justification for its decision. They also noted the domestic cat is foreign to Europe from a “purely scientific” perspective.

Where Domestic Cats Came From

A study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution examined DNA from over 200 cats spanning more than 9,000 years and determined domestic cats descend from two genetic lineages.

One ancestor spread from southwest Asia into Europe as early as 4400 B.C.E. and likely assisted farmers with rodent control. Over time, they became accustomed to living with or around humans.

The other, consisting of the African cats prominent in Egypt, made their way into the Mediterranean and beyond around 1500 B.C.E. Like the modern housecat, these were likely social and tame.

Researchers say the two lineages likely intermingled. That could explain why domestic and wildcats have relatively little genetic variation compared to other species, such as dogs.

Misunderstandings & Misgivings

Wojciech Solarz, a biologist at the Polish Academy of Sciences, didn’t expect the backlash.

“I have a dog, but I don’t have anything against cats,” Solarz told the Associated Press.

He told the publication some media reports created a false impression that the institute was calling for feral cats to be euthanized, which was not the intention. To clarify, the institute posted its position on its website, stating its opposition “to any cruelty towards animals.”

The institute further clarified that it was only recommending cat parents limit their pets’ time outdoors during bird breeding season.

According to Solarz, cats kill about 140 million birds in Poland every year.

However, many say cats are getting an unfair share of the blame.

Dorota Suminska, a veterinarian and author, debated Solarz on TV. She cited other factors such as diminishing biodiversity, pollution, and building facades contributing to bird deaths.

“Ask if man is on the list of non-invasive alien species,” Suminska said.

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Stray Kitten is So Excited to Be in a House that She Starts ‘Supervising’ Everyone

A stray kitten was so excited to be in a house that she started « supervising » everyone.

supervisor kittenNannah the kittenChatons Orphelins Montreal

A tiny kitten was found wandering outside all alone in a residential area in Montreal, Canada. She was barely five weeks old without a mother and siblings in sight. A Good Samaritan spotted the kitten and noticed how hungry she was for food and attention.

She couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the kitten out to fend for herself, so took her home and tried to find someone to help her. Nadia, a local animal rescuer, came across her plea and sprang into action.

She picked up the kitten and transported her to her rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal. « We named the kitten Nannah. She was so small and weighed barely a pound, » Celine Crom of the rescue shared with Love Meow.

stray kitten tinyShe was found outside all aloneChatons Orphelins Montreal

Nannah was underweight and had some stomach issues that needed to be resolved. « She was vulnerable living outside without a mom at such a young age. We are glad that we got her now. »

The kitten was very friendly and confident from the get-go. She was not afraid at the vet and purred loudly as she was being examined.

happy kitten carrierChatons Orphelins Montreal

After braving the streets as a youngling, Nannah was taken into foster care. Anais, Manon, and Eva, volunteers of the rescue, took turns to care for the kitten. They nursed her back to health and helped her wean.

Nannah was beyond ecstatic when she met other cats and dogs. She became their little petulant sister that they never knew they needed.

kitten cuddles catShe insists on being everyone’s friendChatons Orphelins Montreal

She isn’t shy of walking up to a cat to exchange nose sniffs. She will follow them around the house, try to play or cuddle with them, and won’t take no for an answer.

Nannah can hold her own when roughhousing with cats thrice her size. She is always the one to initiate a wrestling match and constantly tries to keep them on their toes.

cat kitten playingChatons Orphelins Montreal

She wiggles her behind to charge up her pounce and surprises the resident animals with her boisterous sneak-attacks. Even the resident dog can’t escape this little ball of energy.

« She always goes to them and needs to be around them. She wants to know what they are doing and is a bit of a diva herself, » Celine told Love Meow.

kitten dogEven the resident dog can’t resist the little kittenChatons Orphelins Montreal

« Nannah has learned to eat on her own by watching and mimicking the house cats. They have taught her boundaries and tolerated her many antics. She may be the smallest one in the house, but she is the most feisty little princess. »

Besides pestering her feline and canine friends, Nannah takes « supervising » her humans very seriously.

thinking kitten catChatons Orphelins Montreal

She starts by watching her people from afar and slowly creeps up on them in a stealthy fashion. Before they know it, she is right there in their face, curiously inspecting their ongoing task.

Nannah channels her inner ninja every day and brings so much laughter to her foster family.

sneaky kittenNannah moves in a stealthy fashionChatons Orphelins Montreal

Privacy is out the window when Nannah is around. She is privy to everything going on in the house.

When she spots someone on a computer, she comes running, reviews their screen and occasionally offers « help » by gracing their keyboard.

curious kitten computerShe wants to know what everyone is doingChatons Orphelins Montreal

After a rough start as a lone kitten, Nannah is determined to never be by herself again. She is thriving in foster care and so pleased to have people to cater to her every whim.

She is relentless about her mischief-making and thrilled to have other fur friends to keep her company.

sneaky kitten pounceChatons Orphelins Montreal

In a few weeks, Nannah will be ready to find a place of her own where she will be the center of attention and the boss lady of the house.

kitten cat snugglesChatons Orphelins Montreal

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Common Skin Conditions in Cats: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

(Learn more about common skin conditions in cats. Picture credit: Westend61 / Getty Images)

Common skin conditions in cats are easy to notice but can cause pain and impair a cat’s defense system. Scabs, rashes and bumps are frequent examples.

However, skin conditions often appear alongside another medical problem — so it’s always vital to get any signs checked out properly.

If you see the signs of common skin conditions in your cat, then get to a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Here’s what you should know about the symptoms, causes, and treatments for the condition.

Symptoms of Common Skin Conditions in Cats

The conditions can produce a range of symptoms. Although most times the symptoms will be very visible. For example, some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Rash
  • Scabs
  • Itching a lot
  • Bumpy patches
  • Hair loss
  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Red spots
  • Sores
  • Oily skin

Causes of Common Skin Conditions in Cats

(Picture credit: FatCamera / Getty Images)

The cause of the condition can be one of a number of things. This often depends on the precise type of skin condition. However, some of the most common general causes include:

  • Alopecia
  • Over-grooming
  • Food allergies
  • Flea bites
  • Infections (bacterial and fungal)
  • Skin wounds
  • Obesity
  • Parasites

Treatments for Common Skin Conditions in Cats

Firstly, your vet will ask about your cat’s symptoms and medical history. This is because skin conditions can be hard to diagnose. In fact, more than one condition might be happening at the same time.

Secondly, your vet will carry out a physical examination of your cat. They will pay special attention to any areas that are bothering your cat.

Treatment will depend on your vet’s precise diagnosis. However, in many cases measures sure as switching to a healthier diet and losing weight are recommended.

Additionally, you might need to start helping your cat groom themselves. Your vet will give you tips and highlight problem areas.

In general, providing your cat with a stress-free and clean home environment can really help to keep their skin in top condition.

Have you ever cared for a cat who suffered from any of these conditions? How did your vet help your cat recover? Let us know in the comments section below.

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150 Best Royal Cat Names For Regal And Noble Kittens

We know that cats generally like to be treated like royalty, and if you are a true cat lover like us, then you probably oblige them! Here are some fittingly royal names for regal and noble kittens.

Male Royal Cat Names

  1. Ahkenaten – An ancient Egyptian pharaoh known for creating shocking religious reforms centering around the god Aten, making it one of the first monotheistic practices known in the ancient world.
  2. Albert – Meaning “noble and bright,” this name became popular in the 19th century due to it being the name of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s beloved husband.
  3. Alexander – Named for ancient Greece’s infamous leader, Alexander The Great.
  4. Andrew – A popular name amongst Hungarian kings.
  5. Archie – Based on the German name Archibald, which means “genuine” and “bold,” this name is popular amongst British noblemen.
  6. Arthur – Name your cat for the legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table from English lore.
  7. Aslan – The creator and true king in the Chronicles of Narnia, and appropriately depicted as a lion.
  8. Augustus – The first emperor of the Roman Empire before being succeeded by Julius Caesar, this name means “exalted” in Latin.
  9. Baron – A lower rank in British nobility, but don’t tell your cat that!
  10. Carl – A Germanic name meaning “free man,” many kings of Sweden have possessed this name.
  11. Charlemagne – This reformer founded the Holy Roman Empire and the rule of Charlemagne led a prosperous and thriving society at a time when the rest of Europe was in decline.
  12. Charles – A classic name in English royalty, this name is the English form of “Carl.”
  13. Chief – A more tribal title, this makes for an adorable cat name.
  14. Christian – Among the Danes, 10 kings have held this name!
  15. Christopher – From a Greek name that means “bearing Christ,” this is a popular name for the kings of Denmark.

Baron – A lower rank in British nobility, but don’t tell your cat that!

  1. Count – In Latin, this noble title originally meant “companion,” so it’s the perfect name for a noble kitty!
  2. Crown – Perfect for feline royalty.
  3. Cyrus – Cyrus the Great founded the ancient Persian Empire.
  4. Czar – The Russian version of “Caesar.”
  5. Caesar – The leadership title of the ancient Roman Empire.
  6. David – This Hebrew name means “beloved” and was the name of the second king of Israel, who famously slayed the giant Goliath in the Bible.
  7. Duke – A duke is the title of a ruler over a duchy, and makes for a great name for a cat with a regal disposition.
  8. Earl – This name means “a man of noble birth” in Old English.
  9. Edward – A classic English name among royals, this name means “rich guard.”
  10. Felipe – The Spanish form of the name Philip, which has been the name of six Spanish kings.
  11. Frederik – This name means “peaceful ruler,” for your laid back cat.
  12. George – A name used often in the British royal family, six kings of the United Kingdom have been known as King George, and maybe your cat should hold that name next!
  13. Hadrian – The Roman emperor Hadrian has gone down in history for his literary pursuits and building projects throughout the Roman Empire, especially Hadrian’s Wall in northern Britain.
  14. Hamlet – A tragic prince in Shakespeare’s play of the same name.
  15. Henry – Eight kings of England, seven kings of Germany, and four kings of France have held the name Henry, which means” home ruler” in German. I’m sure your cat considers him to be the ruler of the home, so it’s pretty fitting!

Caesar – The leadership title of the ancient Roman Empire.

  1. Ivan the Terrible – Named for a Russian Czar, your kitty is probably not terrible, but it sure makes for a funny cat name.
  2. James – A popular British king name, King James is famous for authorizing the English translation of the Bible, which is a popular translation of the text to this day.
  3. Jarl – The Vikings used this title for chieftains who rank just under the king.  
  4. Julius – You might recognize this name from Roman history’s infamous Julius Caesar, who turned Rome into an Empire and had a dramatic relationship with Egypt’s Cleopatra.
  5. Kahuna – If your cat is the “big Kahuna” of your home, this would be an adorable name. In Hawaii, a Kahuna is considered a tribal wiseman or shaman.
  6. Kaiser – The German version of Caesar.
  7. Khan – A title given to central Asian rulers, Genghis Khan is perhaps the most famous.
  8. Khufu – An ancient Egyptian pharaoh who reigned during the construction of Egypt’s mysterious Pyramid of Giza.
  9. King – Well, this one is straightforward – especially since your cat is a descendant of the lion, the King of the Jungle!
  10. King Kong – A fitting name for a big kitty.
  11. King Tut – The nickname of one of ancient Egypt’s most famous pharaohs thanks to the discovery of his magnificently unspoiled tomb in the 1920s.
  12. Lear – This tragic king comes from one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, King Lear.
  13. Leopold – In German, this name was common among the Babenberg and the Habsburg royals. A cute nickname could be Leo, which appropriately means “lion.”
  14. Louis – Among French royalty, there were many King Louis, but perhaps the most famous was Louis XIV, also known as “the Sun King.”
  15. Macbeth – A tragic and intriguing fictional Scottish king from Shakespeare’s play of the same name.

King – Well, this one is straightforward – especially since your cat is a descendant of the lion, the King of the Jungle!

  1. Malcolm – Many Scottish kings have shared this name, which means “devotee of Saint Columba.”
  2. Marquis de Sade – If your cat appears to be a little sadist, then this name is fitting for those of us with a darker sense of humor.
  3. Michael – This Hebrew name means “who is like God?” and is one of the archangels. Byzantine emperors and rulers from Russia to Portugal have answered to this name.
  4. Mufasa – The king of the animal kingdom in disney’s The Lion King.
  5. Muhammad – In Arabic this, name means “praised.” It was the name of the Prophet Muhammad, who founded Islam, and Sultans of the Ottoman Empire as well as Islamic African kings have shared this religiously significant name.
  6. Naveen – Named for the Prince in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.
  7. The Night King – The king of the White Walkers in Game of Thrones, this could be a funny name for a white cat with icy blue eyes, or a kitty that likes to do that thing that cats do, and run wild in the house in the middle of the night.
  8. Nicholas – The name of the last czar of Russia, Nicholas II. While Nicholas II and the rest of the Romanov family met a tragic end during the Russian Revolution, the family continues to fascinate us more than a hundred years after their executions.
  9. Noble – What could be more perfect for a cat of fine breeding?
  10. Oberon – In Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon is the King of the Fairies.
  11. Pharoah – While most pharaohs were male in ancient Egypt, there were several notable exceptions.
  12. Prince – A sweet name for your sweet little feline prince!
  13. Ramses – A pharoah from ancient Egypt remembered for his military prowess.
  14. Rasputin – Not royalty himself, this shadowy historical figure was a well known mystic and monk in Russia before and during the revolution and had close ties to the royal Romonov family.
  15. Richard – Name your cat after King Richard I of England, who was known as Richard the Lionheart.

Noble – What could be more perfect for a cat of fine breeding?

  1. Saul – The name of the tragic first king of Israel in the Bible.
  2. Scar – Scar may have been a usurper to the throne of the animal kingdom, but technically, this smooth-talking villain was lion royalty in Disney’s The Lion King.
  3. Shaka Zulu – The name of the founder of the Zulu kingdom in the early 1800s.
  4. Sheikh – the word for a leader of an Arab tribe.
  5. Simba – Main protagonist and prince turned king in Disney’s The Lion King.
  6. Sire – Calling your cat Sire may feel silly at first, but we are sure your cat would find it only all too appropriate!
  7. Sir – Just try not to smile as you talk to your fuzzy little kitten named Sir.
  8. Solomon – One of the ancient kings of Israel whose claim to fame was his boundless wisdom.
  9. Stephen – From the Greek word for “crown” or “wreath,” kings of England, Hungary, Serbia, and Poland, have all had this name.
  10. Sultan – The king of a Muslim nation, we imagine this name would be perfect for a cat who fancies himself the Sultan of your (his) domain.
  11. Taj – The word for “crown’ in Persian, Sanskrit and Arabic.
  12. Umberto – A name of elegance, this Italian version of Humbert means “bright warrior” and was the name of two kings of Italy, including the last one before the crown was abolished in 1946.
  13. Viscount – A noble rank common among many European nobility.
  14. William – Meaning “strong-willed warrior” this name belonged to four kings of    England.
  15. Xerxes – One of ancient Persia’s great military kings.

Simba – Main protagonist and prince turned king in Disney’s The Lion King.

Female Royal Cat Names

  1. Adelaide –  This regal name means “noble and kind.”
  2. Alexandra – The feminine form of Alexander, this is a popular name connected to Danish, Russian, and Greek royals.
  3. Alice – Many princesses have had this name, including Princess Alice of Battenberg, the mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
  4. Amidala – Queen Amidala of Star Wars was once Darth Vader’s love.
  5. Aminah –  The name of a 16th-century Nigerian princess, Aminah means “safe one” in Arabic.
  6. Anastasia – A name most famous for belonging to the youngest daughter of Russia’s royal Romanov family, and whose legend states that she miraculously escaped her family’s execution during the revolution.
  7. Anna – Named for one of the royal sister protagonists in Disney’s Frozen.
  8. Anne – A popular royal name, and Anne has been used by queens of England, Denmark, Austria, and Greece.
  9. Antoinette – Named after Marie Antoinette, the lavish and final Queen of France before the French Revolution.
  10. Ariel – Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid just so happens to have a cat-themed name, which means “lion of God” in Hebrew.
  11. Astrid – An Old Norse name for “good” and “fair,” queens of Sweden and Norway have held this whimsical sounding name.
  12. Atara – The Hebrew word for “crown.”
  13. Aurora – Named for the princess in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, which was based on the classic fairytale.
  14. Baroness – The female equivalent of a Baron.
  15. Bathsheba –  King David’s wife and mother of wise King Solomon, Bathsheba has a nice feline ring to it.

Aminah –  The name of a 16th-century Nigerian princess, Aminah means “safe one” in Arabic.

  1. Beatrice – Queen Beatrice was responsible for introducing the Italian renaissance to Hungary, Beatrice means “bringer of joy.”
  2. Belle – The name of the protagonist in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
  3. Boudicca – The Celtic Queen was known for being a fierce warrior and military strategist.
  4. Buttercup – The adorable name of the female protagonist in the book and movie, The Princess Bride.
  5. Caroline – Caroline comes from the feminine of “Carl” or “Charles,” and is a name shared by royalty in England and Monaco.
  6. Catherine – Russia’s Catherine the Great is one of history’s most fascinating monarchs. And as far as we are concerned, there’s nothing wrong with the nickname “Catty The Great,” for your furry friend.
  7. Cersei – One of the treacherous characters in Games of Thrones that we all love to hate.
  8. Cinderella – In this classic fairytale, the good hearted but mistreated Cinderella falls in love with the prince, becoming his princess in the end.
  9. Cleopatra – The smart and charismatic queen of Egypt, Cleopatra’s legacy has captured the imaginations of writers, scholars and artists for generations. A royal cat name if there ever was one.
  10. Christina – The Latin female form of Christian, the Swedish Queen Christina is famous for famously giving up the crown in order to convert to Roman Catholicism.
  11. Daenerys – A favorite character whose roller coaster story of her rise and fall is depicted in Game of Thrones.
  12. Dauphine – A royal French feudal title.
  13. Diana – Princess Diana lives on in the hearts of many, even after so many years have passed since the tragic car crash that took her life. Princess Diana was known for her kindness and grace, and perhaps your kitty shares these lovely traits.
  14. Duchess – A royal title, and also the name of a feline protagonist in Disney’s The Aristocats.
  15. Elizabeth – In British royalty, this is perhaps the ultimate queen name, as two of England’s most famous monarchs were given this name, including the current queen that graces the throne.

Belle – The name of the protagonist in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

  1. Elsa – The dramatic protagonist and princess in Disney’s Frozen.
  2. Empress – A royal and regal name.
  3. Grace – Grace Kelly went from being a starlet of the silver screen to actual royalty when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco and became the Princess Consort of Monaco.
  4. Guinevere – The name of the Queen of England in Arthurian legend.
  5. Hatshepsut – A female pharaoh who is often depicted with a beard, Hatshepsut’s reign was one of prosperity. A dignified name with ancient roots in a culture that cherished cats.
  6. Helena – A popular name amongst Roman empresses and princesses, Helena means “torch.”
  7. Ice Princess – A funny name for a kitty with a lot of personality and attitude, and a less than warm demeanor.
  8. Indira – This beautiful Sanskrit name very appropriately means “beauty” or “splendid.” Indira was the name of a worldly and beloved Indian queen.
  9. Isabella –  The Latin version of Elizabeth, Spain’s Queen Isabella  financed Columbus’ voyage to what he believed to be India, but was actually the New World.
  10.  Jasmine – The fiery and independent Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin is a favorite among Disney Princess fans.
  11. Khaleesi – The Dothraki title belonging to Danaerys Targarion in Game of Thrones.
  12. Lady – If you have a well-mannered little lady of a cat, this would be a very nice name.
  13. Liliʻuokalani –  This unique name may be a mouthful, but it belonged to the only queen and last monarch of Hawaii before its annexation to the United States.
  14. Majesty – Need we say more?
  15. Merida – The name of the adventurous princess in Disney’s Brave. A cute name for a ginger kitty with a long main of orange hair, just like Merida.

Helena – A popular name amongst Roman empresses and princesses, Helena means “torch.”

  1. Mistress – A name for the furry mistress of the house.
  2. Monarch – Also works with male names.
  3. Mononoke – Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke introduced the world to this wild and tough girl raised by wolves, and became an instantly beloved character.
  4. Nala – In Disney’s The Lion King, Nala was Simba’s childhood friend and future queen who ultimately inspired him to take back his throne.
  5. Nefertiti – One of the most famous queens of ancient Egypt, Nefertit’s bust is one of the most widely recognized artistic artifacts from Egyptian antiquity.
  6. Odette – In Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake, Princess Odette is turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer.
  7. Peach – For Nintendo fans, Princess Peach is famous from the Mario Bros. franchise.
  8. Pocahontas – Considered by the English to be an Indian Princess, Pocahontas is known for her kindness and attempts to make peace with European settlers in the New World.
  9. Princess – The best name for your little fuzzy princess!
  10. Princess Leia – Fans of Star Wars will recognize this name instantly as the rebel princess and one of the main protagonists of the story.
  11. Queenie – Straightforward and sweet.
  12. Queen – The ultimate name for the tiny ruler of your home.
  13. Queen of Hearts – Fans of Alice in Wonderland will recognize this villainess’ name.
  14. Rapunzel – Originating with a Brother’s Grimm fairytale, Rapunzel received princess status in Disney’s retelling of the classic tale.
  15. Regal – This royal quality also works as a male cat name.

Peach – For Nintendo fans, Princess Peach is famous from the Mario Bros. franchise.

  1. Rhiannon – In the medieval Welsh story collection The Mabinogi, Rhiannon is an otherworldly character who chooses Pwyll, prince of Dyfed as her consort.
  2. Sansa – Named for Sansa Stark, Queen of the North in Game of Thrones.
  3. Scheherazade – The Queen Consort in the Middle Eastern collection of classic stories, One Thousand and One Arabian Nights.
  4.  Snow Queen – Named for the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, this name would work best for a fluffy white cat.
  5. Snow White – An old fairytale named for the story’s princess protagonist who is kind, gentle and the fairest in the land – perhaps like your little cat?
  6. Sophie – This name includes Russian and Scandinavian baronesses, duchesses, and queens in its royal history, and means “wisdom.”
  7. Stephanie – This name means “crown,” which is very fitting for a royal kitty cat.
  8. Teimei – Named for the Japanese Empress Teimei whose name means “enlightened constancy.”
  9. Theresa – In Greek, this name means “harvest.” Maria Theresa held the title of the only female sovereign in the Habsburg dynasty as the Holy Roman Empress.
  10. Tiana – The name of the hard working protagonist turned princess in Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.
  11. Tiara – A name referring to the delicate crowns that sit atop the heads of princesses.
  12. Tiger Lily – Named for the native Princess Tiger Lily in Peter Pan.
  13. Titania – The Queen of the Fairies in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  14. Victoria – Queen Victoria held the second longest reign in British monarch history during what is now known as the Victorian era. The name means “winner” or “conqueror” – for the tough and reserved kitty.
  15. Zelda – From Nintendo’s popular and famous video games The Legend of Zelda, Princess Zelda is a character to gamers going back to the 1980s.

Cats seem to naturally possess the attitude, grace and confidence that we often associate with the royal world, so it’s only fitting that we name them as such. We hope that the above list has given you some ideas for royal names that are only befitting of your cat’s stature!


About Ma’ayan Gutbezahl

Maayan is a freelance writer living in Southern New Jersey. Over the course of her career, she has written on a wide variety of topics that reflect her many interests, from video game reviews to animal and pet care; and from rock music to international social issues. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family, drinking tea with a good book and one of her cats in her lap, and deep diving into new hobbies and exploring new interests.

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150 Adorable Fat Cat Names For Male & Female Cat

We love cats, and when they are more on the plump side, that just means there’s more to love – and to cuddle with! Celebrate your cats full figure with these fun fat names.

Male Fat Cat Names

  1. Angus – A type of beef from Scottish cows.
  2. Babe – The name of a piglet in the family-friendly movie of the same name.
  3. Baconator – The famous Wendy’s burger that’s stuffed full of bacon.
  4. Bear – If your cat reminds you more of a bear cub than a cat.
  5. Beast – We love this scary sounding name for a not-so-scary cat.
  6. Big Boy – Pretty self-explanatory!
  7. Biggie Smalls – The nickname of the legendary late rapper, The Notorious B.I.G.
  8. Big Mac – The iconic McDonald’s burger.
  9. Biz Markie – Old school rap at its finest, Biz Markie was not shy about his size.
  10. Boomer – Perfect for a big kitty.
  11. Bubba – A big sounding name with a Southern flare.
  12. Buddha – Usually depicted smiling with a round belly, this would be a great name for a cat that’s fat and happy!
  13. Capone – Named for the large and in charge mobster from America’s history.
  14. Chunky – Maybe your cat is a little chunky – and we love that!
  15. Chunk Norris – We are especially fond of this one!

Buddha – Usually depicted smiling with a round belly, this would be a great name for a cat that’s fat and happy!

  1. Colossus –A great name for a cat that is not just fat, but tall and big all over.
  2. Conan – Based on the fantasy here, Conan the Barbarian.
  3. Dough Boy – Named after the famous Pillsbury Doughboy.
  4. Duke – A large and in charge sounding name.
  5. Dumbo – Everyone’s favorite cartoon elephant.
  6. Emperor – Sometimes being big is an attitude of royal proportions!
  7. Fat Joe – Named for the famous rapper of the same name. 
  8. Garfield – Everyone’s favorite lasagna eating cat.
  9. Godzilla – A legendary cinematic monster that wreaks havoc on Tokyo.
  10. Goliath – The biblical giant that fought king David.
  11. Gordo – The Spanish word for “fat.”
  12. Grand – Your kitty may be fat, but he is also quite grand!
  13. Homer – Named for Homer Simpson. 
  14. Hoss – A Southern American slang term for a big, sturdy and dependable man.
  15. Hulk – A fun name for a big cat with a fiery temper.

Dumbo – Everyone’s favorite cartoon elephant.

  1. Jabba the Hutt – A huge intergalactic alien criminal from the Star Wars franchise.
  2. King – It’s good to be King – just ask your big kitty cat that you named after royalty!
  3. King Kong – A gigantic ape from the silver screen.
  4. Lord – We can’t help but crack up at the idea of referring to a chubby kitty as “my Lord.”
  5. Magnum – Latin for “great.”
  6. Meatloaf – For your meaty kitty – extra points if you are a fan of the singer/actor of the same name!
  7. Notorious B.I.G. – See entry under “Biggie Smalls.”
  8. Pork Chop – A cute, tasty sounding name.
  9. Porky – Named after Loony Tunes character, Porky Pig.
  10. Quarterback – For the cat-owning sports lover.
  11. Rex – Named for the large dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  12. Slim Jim – For the less than slim kitty cat.
  13. Slugger – A name for your furry little powerhouse.
  14. Sumo– Named for the large wrestlers from Japan.
  15. Tank – A military-themed name for your big guy.
  16. Titan – In Greek mythology, the Titans were gigantic god figures with immense power.
  17. Tonka – Refers to a large, heavy duty vehicle.
  18. Viking – The Vikings may not have been known for being fat, but they sure were known for being big.
  19. Wilbur – From the children’s classic, Charlotte’s Web, whose main character is a pig named Wilbur.
  20. Winnie – Named for everyone’s chubby cartoon bear, Winnie the Pooh.

Porky – Named after Loony Tunes character, Porky Pig.

Female Fat Cat Names

  1. Amazon – The Amazonians were a mythological race of large warrior women.
  2. Athena – This Greek goddess of wisdom and war is often depicted as larger than life, just like her Olympian god peers.
  3. Balloon –  Balloons may be big and round, but that’s why we love them!
  4. Bertha – An old Germanic name that means “bright one,” this name has long been seen as a “large” sounding name.
  5. Big Momma – A very cute name for a big kitty that likes to mother her people.
  6. Biscuit – A delicious buttery treat.
  7. Cinnabon – This large cinnamon bun chain makes delicious treats that are as fattening as they are delicious.
  8. Candy – For a cat with a sweet demeanor.
  9. Churro – A sweet fried Mexican bread topped with cinnamon and sugar.
  10. Coconut – A large, round and sweet nut!
  11. Cookie – Name your chubby buddy after your favorite treat.
  12. Cream – A favorite fat cat treat.
  13. Curvy – For the round cat with curves!
  14. Donut – A name for a sweet, round cat.
  15. Duchess – Made for a big cat who thinks she’s meant to lead.

Amazon – The Amazonians were a mythological race of large warrior women.

  1. Dumpling – This cute, yummy name sounds like a term of endearment.
  2. Fatima – An Arabic name with “fat” right there in the syllables! 
  3. Frita – Spanish for “fried.”
  4. Gaia – The Greek goddess for Mother Earth.
  5. Giantess – The feminine of “giant.”
  6. Helga – An Old Norse name that means “holy, sacred.” It just has that “big” sound to how it rolls off the tongue, don’t you think?
  7. Heifer – A female cow.
  8. Hershey – A large, sweet brown cat would be a great candidate for this name.
  9. Hushpuppy – A fried cornbread treat popular in the American South.
  10. Jam – A cool name for a cool chubby gal.
  11. Jelly – A silly name for a cat with a belly that shakes like jelly!
  12. Lolli – Named for a sweet kids’ candy, the lollipop!
  13. Marge – Extra points if you call your kitty cat “Large Marge.”
  14. Mama Bear – A fun name for your little cat-bear who likes to play the role of mom.
  15. Medusa – The terrifying yet very cool monstrous giant from Greek lore had snakes for hair and her gaze could turn her enemies to stone.

Dumpling – This cute, yummy name sounds like a term of endearment.

  1. Miss Piggy – An iconic Muppets character.
  2. Mozzarella – An especially good name for a cat that likes cheese!
  3. Mrs. Butterworth – Named for the classic breakfast maple syrup.
  4. Muffin – Call her Muffy for short!
  5. Pancake – Name your cat for everyone’s favorite breakfast cake.
  6. Poofy – Especially fitting for a kitty that looks even larger due to her poofy coat of fur.
  7. Pudding – Name your kitty after a favorite fattening dessert!
  8. Pumpkin – Perfect for a rotund ginger-colored cat.
  9. Queen – A fitting name for the big, regal cat.
  10. Rosie – The name of the pig character in the children’s show “Masha and the Bear.”
  11. Savory – If you have two chubby female cats, Savory and Sweet would be a fun set of names.
  12. Sweetie – See Savory above!
  13. Tiny Tina – A fun name for a not-so-tiny cat.
  14. Titania – A Greek name meaning “giant, great one,” This name was made famous by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream from the name of the queen of the fairies.
  15. Twinkie – A fun name for a blonde fat cat.
  16. Ursula – The Latin word for “bear.”
  17. Violet – Named for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory character who ballooned up like a round blueberry.
  18. Wendy – A nod to the all-American fast food chain, Wendy’s.
  19. Xena – Named for the fictional television character, Xena Warrior Princess.
  20. Zeppole – A traditional Italian-style donut.

Muffin – Call her Muffy for short!

Unisex Fat Cat Names

  1. Beefcake – A good name for a husky cat.
  2. Behemoth – A mighty beast referenced in the Bible.
  3. Belly – Celebrate your cat’s big belly with this silly name.
  4. Bigby – A nice sounding name with the word “big” in it.
  5. Bigfoot – Name your cat after this elusive cryptid.
  6. Blimpy – If your cat is the size of a mini-blimp, this would be a great name!
  7. Blobby – A blob can still be cute!
  8. Blubber – The protective layer of fat that keeps whales warm.
  9. Butterball – A brand of big, fat turkeys for Thanksgiving!
  10. Captain – An especially good name for a cat who thinks he/she is large and in charge!
  11. Cheshire – Named for the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, this odd cat is depicted as a chubby striped cat.
  12. Chubbalub – A silly and fun name.
  13. Chubby – Straightforward and cute.
  14. Chubbles – An even sillier name for your fuzzy chubby buddy.
  15. Chubz – Just a cute name for a chubbster.

Chubby – Straightforward and cute.

  1. Dragon – These giant mythological beasts are pretty cool.
  2. Epic – Is your cat epic in size?
  3. Fluffy – Maybe your kitty is just fluffy, and not fat? (or maybe he/she is both)!
  4. Giant – A more intimidating name for a fat cat.
  5. Gordy – Short for “gordo,” the Spanish word for “fat.”
  6. Hefty – A name for the heavy feline.
  7. Hurricane – A big and powerful storm.
  8. Husky – Is your kitty fat, or just husky?
  9. Jiggles – A fun word to say, this name would be a good conversation starter when you introduce your cat to guests.
  10. Jumbo – Another term for “big” that also happens to sound like an adorable name.
  11. Lumpy – We love our cats – lumps and all!
  12. Major – Meaning “big” but also a title with some military authority.
  13. Mammoth – Named for the extinct wooly mammoth, a furry elephant-like animal that roamed the earth during the Ice Age.
  14. Maximus – A name with a Latin flare.
  15. Meaty – A good name for a cat with extra meat on its bones.

Dragon – These giant mythological beasts are pretty cool.

Names For Cats With Big Feet

  1. Mega – The Greek word for “huge.”
  2. Melon – A round and juicy fruit.
  3. Mighty – Big can mean strong!
  4. Mondo – A slang name that means “extreme.”
  5. Monster – Your little monster may not be so little!
  6. Panda – A roly poly Asian bear that looks like it was made for cuddles.
  7. Potbelly – If your cat reminds you more of a potbelly pig, this could be the name for him or her!
  8. President – For a cat that believes he/she is the commander and chief.
  9. Pudge – A cat that’s a little fat – nothing too extreme.
  10. Pudgers – A fun play on the name “Pudge.”
  11. Quake – Does your cat start mini-earthquakes when it walks about?
  12. Roly – Short for “roly poly.”
  13. Stocky – A broad, sturdy feline.
  14. Stubby – Short and chubby.
  15. Titanic – Named for the large, ill-fated ship that sank at the beginning of the 20th century.
  16. Tubbs – A funny name that will make you smile each time you call for your cat.
  17. Tubby – A little tubby, and a whole lot of cute.
  18. Tummy – We love a cute kitty’s chubby tummy, don’t you?
  19. Uber – The German word for “over” for that overweight cat in your life.
  20. Waddles – We love a chubby cat that waddles wherever they go!

If you love cuddling up with a roly-poly kitty, then you are not alone! We hope that when you are snuggling up with a new chubby cat in need of a name that this list finds you both well!

About Ma’ayan Gutbezahl

Maayan is a freelance writer living in Southern New Jersey. Over the course of her career, she has written on a wide variety of topics that reflect her many interests, from video game reviews to animal and pet care; and from rock music to international social issues. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family, drinking tea with a good book and one of her cats in her lap, and deep diving into new hobbies and exploring new interests.

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Review: UAH Pet Zero Cordless Water Fountain


Water is critical to keeping your cat healthy. Cats as a species don’t have a high thirst drive, and this can lead to chronic low-level dehydration if a cat is fed mostly dry food. Proper hydration can help prevent urinary tract disease and promote healthy kidney function by flushing toxins. Fountains are a great way to encourage cats to drink more water.

With so many fountains available, it can be difficult to determine quality. The two main things I look for in a fountain are that it needs to be easy to clean and easy to operate, but I also want it to look good and be quiet.


UAH Pet Zero Automatic Fountain features

  • Cordless and battery operated: this is the first fountain of its kind that I’ve seen that doesn’t have a cord. If has a 5000mAh high-capacity battery with up to 120 days of battery life.
  • Anti-tipping bracket keeps fountain stable and stops your cat from knocking it over.
  • Two timer modes: The motion activated mode starts the fountain when your cat comes within 5 to 8 inches of a thermal image sensor. The time mode releases water every 15 minutes.
  • Water and battery are separated as an added safety feature.
  • 6 Layer circulating filtration system provides cleaner, healthier water. Filter and sponge should be replaced every three to four weeks, depending on use.
  • Large capacity 2 liter/67 ounce tank.
  • Avoids whisker fatigue with a wide water tray.


Putting the UAH Pet Zero Fountain to the test

The box contained a small leaflet that showed the various parts, but no instructions on how to put the fountain together. A huge thank you  to Caren of Cat and Dog Chat with Caren for pointing out where she found the assembly video, because I would have been lost without it. Once I watched the video, assembly was super easy. There are very few parts, which will make cleaning quick and easy, too.


Allegra has not shown much interest in fountains, but she was intrigued with this one, maybe because it kept moving to different spots in the house!

This is one of the quietest fountains we’ve reviewed, which is a huge plus in my book. I absolutely LOVE that this fountain is cordless, allowing you to place it anywhere without having to worry about cords getting in the way.


While I prefer ceramic fountains to plastic, the cordless feature makes me like this one enough to award our Seal of Approval. The only thing that would make this fountain better is if it were made out of ceramic. Perhaps UAH Pet will consider that for a future model?

The UAH Pet Zero Fountain is available from Amazon.


Exclusive 15% discount for Conscious Cat readers

Enter code CONSCIOUS at checkout.

*The Conscious Cat is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This means that if you decide to purchase through any of our links, we get a small commission. We only spread the word about products and services we’ve either used or would use ourselves. I received this product at no charge. Receiving the free product did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest opinion, or, as the case may be, Allegra’s honest opinion.

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Kitten Comes to Family as a Timid Stray but Starts to Learn to Be Brave with Help of Their Cat

A kitten came to a family as a timid stray and started to learn to be brave with the help of their cat.

shy tabby kittenPepper the kittenSalty Animal Rescue

Two kittens arrived at Salty Animal Rescue in Ontario, Canada in need of a lot of TLC. Salt (cream) and Pepper (tabby) were paired up at the Hamilton Animal Services as both of them were deemed under-socialized.

The two weren’t from the same litter and not bonded, but they both shared the fear of people as they had little to no human contact prior. They weren’t ready to be put up for adoption at the shelter, so Salty Animal Rescue stepped in to help.

« They were both found struggling as strays on the streets of Hamilton. We are here to give them the chance they deserve, » Karly Saltarski, cofounder of the rescue, shared.

shy kittensSalt and PepperSalty Animal Rescue

While Salt was full of hisses and spits, Pepper retreated to a corner, pretending to be invisible. She was so scared that her body froze and she tried to avert any eye contact with people.

Karly coaxed the kittens with treats that they couldn’t resist, and spent ample time talking to them and trying to get them used to touch. With lots of patience, Salt warmed up to pets, and Pepper became less vocal and physical about being scared.

kittens treatsSalty Animal Rescue

« Pepper still whale eyes me and hides but she’s slowly coming around. »

When the kittens were medically clear, they decided to get some assistance from a cat named Pippen who is a foster kitten extraordinaire. « He has previously helped a few fellow rescues come out of their shells, and Pepper was no exception. »

cat kitten fosterPippen the cat cared for a former foster kittenSalty Animal Rescue

Pippen who was a rescue himself (and adopted by his foster mom, Kayla), seemed to understand just what Pepper needed. He took her under his wing and started nurturing her with licks and snuggles.

Underneath that fearful exterior lay a sweet tabby eager for love. When Pepper met Pippen, she was so enamored of her friend that she melted right into him.

kitten cat playingNow Pippen is showing the same love to PepperSalty Animal Rescue

Pepper became very comfortable with her buddy and would seek him out for nap time. « As usual, he’s helped make our once constantly hiding Pepper a whole new girl. »

The rescue also introduced Pepper to other cats and fosters in hopes that she would finally be able to start trusting people. « She’s come so incredibly far. Since being with Pippen for just a short time, she’s acting like a different kitty. »

cat kitten nappingPepper feels at ease whenever she’s with PippenSalty Animal Rescue

« Kittens like Pepper seem to be overlooked (because of their shyness). When they are in the right environment and given the chance, once scared cats and kittens actually make the best family members, » Karly shared.

Pepper, 15 weeks old now, has transformed into a sweet, gentle young tabby. « She allows handling and petting (when she’s comfortable), and even gave another foster mom, Elaine, her first purrs. »

cat friendsShe’s made friends with other cats tooSalty Animal Rescue

She thrives with a loving, confident cat who can show her the ropes and teaches her to be brave. She is learning from the older cats, following in their paw-steps. Every day, she is less worried about people and more content and relaxed.

« She needs an adopter with patience and understanding. She will be your best friend in no time but just needs the chance. »

kitten in tunnelSalty Animal Rescue

Share this story with your friends. Follow Pepper and Salty Animal Rescue on Facebook and Instagram @saltyanimalrescue.

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PrettyLitter Cares About Your Cat & Aims To Help Them Stay Happy & Healthy

PrettyLitter founder and CEO Daniel Rotman received a gift from his sister on his tenth birthday that would change his life—an adorable orange tabby named Gingi. And while raised with a menagerie of pets thanks to his father’s love for animals, Daniel shared an extra special bond with Gingi. Best friends from the start, Daniel and Gingi grew up together, first facing the growing pains of middle school and then the fun of high school. From college to moving into their first adult apartment, Gingi remained by Daniel’s side.

But then came a day every cat parent fears; Gingi stopped purring. The once vibrant tabby had become lethargic and turned up her nose at the offer of food. Daniel knew something was very wrong and rushed Gingi to the vet. A urinalysis and blood work revealed his dear cat to be terminally ill, and she had been for many months before her symptoms caught up with her. Despite receiving thousands of dollars in medical procedures, Gingi lived only six more months, leaving Daniel devastated by her death.

Setting Out to Create Longer & Happier Lives

Driven by heartache over Gingi’s loss, Daniel wanted to find some way to keep other families from losing their precious cats too soon. He felt a calling to create some sort of tool to help cat parents be more proactive about their feline’s health. From this desire to help kitties live longer and happier lives in the arms of their families, PrettyLitter was born.

More than just a cat litter company, PrettyLitter understands what your cat means to you. Daniel and the entire team know you’ll do anything to keep your kitty feeling their absolute best. They aim to remove some of the stress of cat parenting by offering a health monitoring solution that alerts you to potential problems before they get the chance to grow out of hand.

Keeping Daily Tabs on Your Cat’s Health

When Daniel set out to create a smart litter designed to protect feline health, he turned to veterinarians for help. Together, they formulated the magic that is PrettyLitter, a silica gel cat litter made to monitor cat health through color-changing technology. Cat parents can keep daily tabs on their cat’s health by simply checking the color of the soiled litter.

After your kitty goes potty, the soft silica gel absorbs the urine and changes colors depending on levels of acidity and alkalinity. Because the litter is white, blood in the urine will also become visible as it stains the silica gel red.

Here’s what the PrettyLitter colors can tell you:

  • Dark Yellow or Olive Green – indicates typical ranges in urine
  • Dark Green to Blue – indicates elevated alkalinity, meaning your cat could be at risk for developing urinary tract infections or stone formations
  • Orange – indicates high acidity, a possible signal of kidney disease
  • Red – indicates the presence of blood

Whether the litter reveals blood or abnormal ranges in pH, you’ll need to make an appointment with your veterinarian for a diagnosis.

But it’s not just the health monitoring capabilities that give PrettyLitter an edge over competitors.

Clean Litter Means a Happy Cat

Cats are creatures who crave clean, and an odiferous litter pan can be seen as quite the offense! With PrettyLitter, a dirty box will never be an issue as litter remains fresh for an entire month. This revolutionary silica gel litter absorbs and eliminates moisture, meaning no more stinky, wet clumps. Just scoop the poop daily to give your cat a potty experience with less odor and less nose-tickling dust. Your feline friend will appreciate the tidiness. You’ll love less scooping and less stink!

Have PrettyLitter Delivered to Your Door

Gone are the days of lugging heavy bags of litter home from the store. Lightweight PrettyLitter  delivers to your door once a month, giving your cat the purrfect amount to their business until the next shipment arrives. When your new bag delivers right on time, dump the old litter and pour in the new. And because you won’t have to run out to pick up more litter, you’ll have more time to snuggle with your purr child. That’s a win for you and your cat!

Felines are notorious for downplaying their pain, so we often don’t know our cats are sick until it’s serious. But PrettyLitter offers peace of mind by alerting you to potential issues before they consume your cat. Thanks to Daniel’s love for Gingi, cat parents can keep easy tabs on feline health by simply checking their kitty’s litter pan. Because your cat means the world, try PrettyLitter and rest easy knowing you’re staying ahead of problems that could cut your cat’s life short.

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Why Does My Cat Like My Husband More Than Me?

Once we bring kitty home, instantly, our lives are changed. We have a new obsession that purrs and is covered in magical fur and makes us feel good inside whenever they are near. The endless photos on our phones, the warm and fuzzy feelings they give us, surely, with all the love we bestow on them, we can only hope that the feeling is reciprocated.

But then, more times than not, our feline friends will decide that they like our significant other more than us. It’s hard not to get a little butthurt about the situation, and rightfully so. If you’ve ever wondered, “why does my cat like my husband more than me?” you’re not the first. Keep reading to discover the reason why it is that your precious kitty favors your hubby…

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Cats Like To Be In Control.

why does my cat like my husband more than me?

Your cat is the dominant one in your relationship, whether you like it or not.

Your cat is the dominant one in your relationship, whether you like it or not. Because, after all, cats will do as they please. Think about the dynamic of your relationship with your cat. Do you seek out your cat to get affection from them, or do you let your cat determine when it’s time to dole out affection to you?

In a nutshell, your cat is a huge control freak. And if we are the ones who choose not to surrender that control, welp, then our cats might choose to dominate the other person in our home…which is typically our husbands.

Who feeds the cat?

We all know that cats simply love to eat. And cats are the masters of getting people to feed them on their command. You might be the rule follower or the one who lays down the law, while your husband, on the other hand, is quick to give in to the kitty’s food commands. Additionally, your cat’s feeding schedule might have something to do with it. Say, for instance, your husband is an early riser, and the kitty knows that. If your husband is the one who regularly feeds your cat or is quick to give in to your cat’s treat commands, this could be a reason why your cat prefers your husband over you.

Your cat might prefer your husband simply because he’s warmer.

cat in bed with man

It’s common knowledge that cats love to be warm—and they are known for gravitating to heat. This is likely why your cat prefers to sit and sleep on your husband.

Fights over the thermostat are common in households of married couples. Typically, the woman is freezing while the husband channels his inner polar bear and requests the thermostat be set lower. It’s common knowledge that cats love to be warm—and they are known for gravitating to heat. This is likely why your cat prefers to sit and sleep on your husband. He is likely giving off more body heat than you are, and cats like to be nice and toasty regardless of the season.

Ask yourself: Who is the one that gives the cat affection on their terms?

When it comes to cats, everything is preferred strictly on their terms. This comes to eating, sleeping, and especially affection. Even the friendliest of felines might be quick to let you know that they like affection on their terms and their terms only. So, if you’re one to demand affection from your kitty, they will remember that. And, if your husband is the opposite, well, they’ll keep that in mind! They might even go as far as to give you the cold shoulder—or cast a notorious cat side-eye your way. Just try your best not to let it hurt your feelings. Remember, cats are not naturally spiteful beings—regardless of the dirty looks they might throw your way as they sit in your husband’s lap.

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Think of how children often bond more closely to one parent; cats can be similar in this way too.

Cats and humans can share many traits. And favoring one parent over the other is one of them. If you have human children, you know this all too well. Or just think back to what your life was like as a child because chances are, you favored one of your parents over the other. Your cat might like your husband over you because they feel more comfortable with them. This is not to say that your cat doesn’t like you. Perhaps your husband doesn’t fidget when he’s sitting, or your cat has him trained more than he has you trained to give into his demands. Whatever the case, it’s perfectly natural and normal for a cat to choose one of their human parents over the other.

Your Cat Might Like Your Husband More Than You Because That’s Who They Bonded With First

why does my cat like my husband more than me?

If your cat chooses your husband over you, try your best not to take offense.

Often, when a cat chooses the husband, it isn’t necessarily because of something that you did. And, many times, female cats naturally prefer men and vice versa. The same can be said with many dogs as well. Kind of like the saying in the human world when you hear that someone is a “Daddy’s girl.”

If your cat chooses your husband over you, try your best not to take offense. Even if it seems particularly frustrating, try to appreciate that your cat feels loved by someone in your home. Cats will be cats, which sometimes means your cat will prefer your husband over you.

Are you curious as to how cats choose their favorite people? We have the answer for you here on All About Cats. Check out this next article about this topic that many cat owners wonder about.

why does my cat like my husband more than me?

Cats will be cats, which sometimes means that your cat will prefer your husband over you.

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Electrolyte Disturbance in Cats: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

(Learn more about electrolyte disturbance in cats. Picture credit: Photo by Rafa Elias / Getty Images)

Electrolyte disturbance in cats happens when there is not enough phosphorus in the blood. It often affects cats who suffer from diabetic ketoacidosis.

Technically, the condition is known as hypophosphatemia.

Additionally, in many cases there is another underlying cause for the condition.

If you see the signs of electrolyte disturbance in your cat, then get to a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Here’s what you should know about the symptoms, causes, and treatments for the condition.

Symptoms of Electrolyte Disturbance in Cats

The condition produces quite a wide range of symptoms. For instance, some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Anemia
  • Breathing too quickly
  • Dark colored pee
  • Shortness of breath
  • Acting weak
  • Feeling depressed

Causes of Electrolyte Disturbance in Cats

(Picture credit: Alexandra Jursova / Getty Images)

There can be a number of causes for the condition. For example, some of the most common causes include:

  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Malnutrition
  • Issues with intravenous treatments
  • Problems treating diabetes mellitus
  • Not enough phosphorus in the diet
  • Anorexia

Treatments for Electrolyte Disturbance in Cats

Firstly, your vet will ask about your cat’s symptoms and medical history. Secondly, your vet will use differential diagnosis. In other words, this means ruling out other conditions.

Thirdly, your vet will take blood and urine tests. These will be analyzed. Specifically, low levels of phosphorus can be detected this way.

Unfortunately, many cases will need a cat to be hospitalized. Subsequently, phosphorus supplements can be administered. Sadly, in severe cases a blood transfusion is needed.

All in all, while recovering at home it is important to provide your kitty with a quiet and calm environment. Additionally, make sure to keep up regular vet visits to monitor your cat’s recovery.

Have you ever cared for a cat who suffered from this condition? How did your vet help your cat recover? Let us know in the comments section below.