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Ten Cat Breeds That Live The Longest

It goes without saying that we all wish our cats could live forever. And while advances in modern medicine and improvements in cat food can help many of our feline friends live longer, the truth is, one day, our beloved cat will cross over the Rainbow Bridge. When it comes to cat breeds, each is unique in their own way. But there are a handful of cat breeds out there that are known to live longer lives. Want to know what are the cat breeds that live the longest? We’ve got the answer to your curiosity—just keep reading.

(Please note: this list is purely informational, and it should be noted that any cat of any breed has the potential to live a long and healthy life with the proper care. This is especially true for mixed-breed cats. However, the breeds on this list have been reported to live somewhat longer when compared to other breeds of purebred cats.)

Here is our list of ten cat breeds that live the longest…


cat breeds that live the longest

This ancient cat breed has been adored by cat lovers worldwide for centuries. And what’s not to love about these chatty, blue-eyed beauties of the cat world? Siamese cats have lived alongside humans for centuries, and many lovely cat breeds of today were born by crossing with a Siamese cat, such as the Oriental Shorthair, Tonkinese, and Balinese.

When it comes to Siamese cats, many will live well into their late teens and sometimes even early twenties. Scooter, a Siamese cat out of Texas, even held a Guinness Book World Record, having lived until 30 years of age.


cat breeds that live the longest

A relative to the long-living Siamese cat breed, the Burmese cat breed is one cat breed that can live well into their twenties. These loveable felines are gregarious by nature and often reported as being much more dog-like than cat-like. According to Martha Stewart’s website, there was one Burmese cat that even lived to be 35. The stunning coat of these cats are quick to turn heads but don’t let their size fool you, these are compact and hardy cats that weigh more than they appear. So much so, that it’s earned them the nickname of “bricks wrapped in silk.”


cat breeds that live the longest

Not only is this one of the handfuls of tailless cat breeds, but it also happens to be one of the cat breeds that is known to live the longest, too. The Manx cat is a friendly cat breed that bonds closely with its people and other pets in their homes. These cats are larger in size when compared to your average house cat, and although some are prone to Manx Syndrome, the typical Manx cat is a loveable, round, healthy kitty cat that can live upwards of 20+ years.

Russian Blue

cat breeds that live the longest

The Russian Blue cat is a stunning cat breed that is not only one of the most hypoallergenic of all cat breeds, but they also happen to live longer than most cats. These healthy kitties have been adored for centuries, and there are many interesting legends surrounding these Rusky felines—AKA Archangel cats. It’s been said that Russian Blue cats were a favorite among royalty, and one Russian Blue cat once healed an ailing prince. Some legends even go as far as to say that Russian Blue cats can sense spirits and ghosts, and many consider these cats to symbolize good luck.


Ragdoll Kitten

Oh, the Ragdoll cat breed. Such a beautiful large breed of cat, with gorgeous blue or green eyes, and notorious for “going limp” on you when you hold them. And, if you’ve ever had the luxury of holding a Ragdoll cat, then you know just how heavy they are in your arms when they do the classic Ragdoll flop—hence their name. These cats can tip the scales at 20 pounds and still be considered perfectly healthy, and they’re also reported by many to live long, healthy lives. An interesting fact about these fluffy felines is that they don’t reach full maturity until roughly four years of age. And, on average, they live at least 15 years.


cat breeds that live the longest

Another cat breed that lives the longest is the beautiful Balinese cat breed, which you can easily tell by looking at them shares DNA with the long-living Siamese. This close cousin of the Siamese reportedly lives 18-22 years on average, which is several years longer than the average cat life span of 12-15 years. The Balinese is a relatively healthy cat breed, except for the occasional cross-eyes, which can sometimes occur. These cats are long, with silky soft coats, and are considered to be a hypoallergenic breed of cat. And technically speaking, the Balinese cat is the longhaired version of the Siamese cat breed. Read here to find out if Siamese cats are hypoallergenic.


These hairless kitties are different from other cats, and it’s easy to see why just by looking at them. The Sphynx cat is a social cat breed that loves to be with their humans and is always down to cuddle up with people they love. This Canadian cat breed is considered to be healthy, and many can live up to 20 years. An interesting fact about the Sphynx: they don’t get cold as easily as you would think because their body temperatures are naturally a few degrees higher than cat breeds with hair. And even though they’re cats, these kitties require routine bathing to remove the excess oil from their skin. But they’re generally fond of water and won’t mind their bathtime routine.


cat breeds that live the longest

The Bombay cat breed is the only cat breed that is exclusively black in color—all the way down to their whiskers and paw pads. These intelligent felines are generally healthy, and strong, and most are reportedly quite friendly towards pets and people. Named for the port city of India despite having any Indian heritage, the Bombay cat breed shows up on many lists for cat breeds that live the longest. This cat breed was developed in America in the 1950s with the goal of creating a breed of cat which resembled the black panthers of India. And these healthy kitties often live up to 20 years when kept indoors and given proper care.


cat breeds that live the longest

The Persian cat is an ancient cat breed that is adored by cat lovers worldwide for its stunning looks and good kitty disposition. This brachial cat breed can be prone to both eye and breathing problems. But for Persian kitties—when bred by quality cat breeders—they are generally very healthy cats. These delicate felines grow very attached to their people, and many love them for their “good manners”—because of their smaller size and stature, you won’t find them jumping on your counters or swinging from your curtains. Persian cats can live anywhere from 12 to 18 years on average, with some reaching their twenties.


cat breeds with the longest life expectancy

These wild-looking felines are a cat breed that looks a little wild and actually is. The Savannah cat breed shares DNA with the African Serval cat, and these are larger cats with solid frames that can make your average housecat look tiny. A Savannah cat that’s well cared for and lives indoors can easily live till 15 years of age, and many can reach 20 years of age before crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

Now that you’ve learned all about cat breeds that live the longest discover which cat breeds out there are some of the oldest cat breeds in existence. Learn all about ancient cat breeds that still exist today here.

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