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PrettyLitter Cares About Your Cat & Aims To Help Them Stay Happy & Healthy

PrettyLitter founder and CEO Daniel Rotman received a gift from his sister on his tenth birthday that would change his life—an adorable orange tabby named Gingi. And while raised with a menagerie of pets thanks to his father’s love for animals, Daniel shared an extra special bond with Gingi. Best friends from the start, Daniel and Gingi grew up together, first facing the growing pains of middle school and then the fun of high school. From college to moving into their first adult apartment, Gingi remained by Daniel’s side.

But then came a day every cat parent fears; Gingi stopped purring. The once vibrant tabby had become lethargic and turned up her nose at the offer of food. Daniel knew something was very wrong and rushed Gingi to the vet. A urinalysis and blood work revealed his dear cat to be terminally ill, and she had been for many months before her symptoms caught up with her. Despite receiving thousands of dollars in medical procedures, Gingi lived only six more months, leaving Daniel devastated by her death.

Setting Out to Create Longer & Happier Lives

Driven by heartache over Gingi’s loss, Daniel wanted to find some way to keep other families from losing their precious cats too soon. He felt a calling to create some sort of tool to help cat parents be more proactive about their feline’s health. From this desire to help kitties live longer and happier lives in the arms of their families, PrettyLitter was born.

More than just a cat litter company, PrettyLitter understands what your cat means to you. Daniel and the entire team know you’ll do anything to keep your kitty feeling their absolute best. They aim to remove some of the stress of cat parenting by offering a health monitoring solution that alerts you to potential problems before they get the chance to grow out of hand.

Keeping Daily Tabs on Your Cat’s Health

When Daniel set out to create a smart litter designed to protect feline health, he turned to veterinarians for help. Together, they formulated the magic that is PrettyLitter, a silica gel cat litter made to monitor cat health through color-changing technology. Cat parents can keep daily tabs on their cat’s health by simply checking the color of the soiled litter.

After your kitty goes potty, the soft silica gel absorbs the urine and changes colors depending on levels of acidity and alkalinity. Because the litter is white, blood in the urine will also become visible as it stains the silica gel red.

Here’s what the PrettyLitter colors can tell you:

  • Dark Yellow or Olive Green – indicates typical ranges in urine
  • Dark Green to Blue – indicates elevated alkalinity, meaning your cat could be at risk for developing urinary tract infections or stone formations
  • Orange – indicates high acidity, a possible signal of kidney disease
  • Red – indicates the presence of blood

Whether the litter reveals blood or abnormal ranges in pH, you’ll need to make an appointment with your veterinarian for a diagnosis.

But it’s not just the health monitoring capabilities that give PrettyLitter an edge over competitors.

Clean Litter Means a Happy Cat

Cats are creatures who crave clean, and an odiferous litter pan can be seen as quite the offense! With PrettyLitter, a dirty box will never be an issue as litter remains fresh for an entire month. This revolutionary silica gel litter absorbs and eliminates moisture, meaning no more stinky, wet clumps. Just scoop the poop daily to give your cat a potty experience with less odor and less nose-tickling dust. Your feline friend will appreciate the tidiness. You’ll love less scooping and less stink!

Have PrettyLitter Delivered to Your Door

Gone are the days of lugging heavy bags of litter home from the store. Lightweight PrettyLitter  delivers to your door once a month, giving your cat the purrfect amount to their business until the next shipment arrives. When your new bag delivers right on time, dump the old litter and pour in the new. And because you won’t have to run out to pick up more litter, you’ll have more time to snuggle with your purr child. That’s a win for you and your cat!

Felines are notorious for downplaying their pain, so we often don’t know our cats are sick until it’s serious. But PrettyLitter offers peace of mind by alerting you to potential issues before they consume your cat. Thanks to Daniel’s love for Gingi, cat parents can keep easy tabs on feline health by simply checking their kitty’s litter pan. Because your cat means the world, try PrettyLitter and rest easy knowing you’re staying ahead of problems that could cut your cat’s life short.

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