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Senior Cat Waves At Potential Adopters Hoping To Be Noticed

With so many adoptable pets at the Community Cat Club in New Jersey, it can be difficult for senior cats to be noticed. For this reason, an adorable ten-year-old tuxedo cat named Valentin (Vali for short) has come up with a creative way to attract potential adopters.

Vali was surrendered to the shelter when her elderly owner could no longer care for her. Senior in age but in good health, staff at the Community Cat Club described Vali as a sweet and gentle soul from the moment they met her.


The shelter medical team evaluated Vali, and it was determined that she suffered from tooth resorption, a condition in which the bony substance of a tooth erodes. This condition can be very uncomfortable for a cat but is easily resolved by removing the affected tooth.

Once Vali received her much-needed dental work, she was placed into foster care. And besides being insanely sweet and cuddly, she now had a goofy smile to share!

The removed tooth created a gap in her gum line that her lip would often get stuck in, resulting in an adorable smile. Vali is a one-of-a-kind girl, and her foster mom was confident that she would not be staying long. Surely someone would come across this sweet girl’s picture and adopt her!


Vali settled into her temporary home nicely, counting the days until her forever family would come. Unfortunately, Vali spent the next six months at her foster home with not one suitable application.

Staff at the Community Cat Club were shocked that Vali had not yet found a family to call her own. They decided to move Vali into a suite at their Petco location, hoping to give her more exposure. And it was here that Vali developed a unique and creative way to grab the attention of potential adopters.


Vali’s new habit was to sit on her hind limbs and wave her paws against the plexiglass cage-front to attract potential adopters. She seemed to believe that doing so would make her stand out from the other available kitties – and she was right!

After half a year of waiting, Vali has now received close to thirty applications for her adoption! Her caretakers are carefully combing through them, hoping to find the perfect family for this sweet girl to call her own. With a gorgeous smile, a sweet personality, and a slew of special talents, there’s no doubt in my mind that Vali will be in her very own forever home soon.

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