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Fur Laughs: Cat Stops Being Polite When Friend Won’t Pay Attention [VIDEO]

If you grew up in the MTV generation, you know that there comes a time when you have to stop being polite and start getting real, as the kitty in the video above demonstrates.

The feline taps their friend ever so gently trying to get a little bit of attention. But nope, the other cat won’t budge. And another polite tap gets the same result.

The third attempt isn’t so nice, but I’m sure we’ve all felt the frustration of being ignored! What’s a cat supposed to do other than launch a full-on, attention-seeking attack?

Still, it doesn’t look like any damage was done, and a love tap from a kitty paw is all in good fun. Plus, we got a good laugh out of it too!

But if you’re worried that your own cat is getting a little too aggressive with their bids for attention, here’s some advice!

Two persian cats fighting

(Picture Credit: Duci86/Getty Images)

If your cat is acting out in a way that you don’t like, you can take a few steps to correct the behavior. Here’s a brief overview of some tips:

How does your cat try to get your attention? Do they ever get frustrated when you don’t respond right away like the cat in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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